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Restaurant & Bar Guide for Twin Lakes

The Twin Lakes Inn

6435 E State Hwy 82 Twin Lakes, CO 81251
(719) 486-7965

The Twin Lakes Inn sets the standard high for bed and breakfast destination in Twin Lakes. The Inn offers affordable pricing and a convenient location near local parks. It's the perfect stop after you're doing doing some exploring in the area! The restaurant also has a bar, so you can enjoy a well deserved drink after doing some hiking. The rooms are also comfortable if you happen to be looking for a place to stay. The breakfast that they serve is delicious and comes with many options for customization with pancakes, waffles, eggs, and more.

Mount Elbert Lodge

10764 E State Hwy 82 Twin Lakes, CO 81251
(719) 486-0594

Mount Elbert Lodge is another destination for bed and breakfast experiences in the Twin Lakes area. The cottages here are perfect, and there are plenty of spots for fishing. There's nothing better than frying up some fish you caught yourself. There is activity here year round, as tourists even come here to ski and snowshoe during the harsh winter months. There are all of the amenities you could ask for, and there's a ton of different food options for those who might not eat meat. All things considered, this is a great vacation destination.

Windspirit Cafe & Cabins

6559 Hwy 82 Twin Lakes Cpo, CO 81251
(719) 486-8138

Windspirit Cafe & Cabins is a hotel that has one of the most sought after restaurants in the area. There's just something about the scenic beauty that surrounds this establishment that makes you want to return time and time again. After staying here once, you'll see what all of the hype is about. With the restaurant that's attached, there's convenience that you can also look forward to. We love their fresh fruit bowls, and the fantastic options for breakfast including Biscuits and Gravy, French Toast, Huevos Rancheros, and much more.

City On A Hill

508 Harrison Ave Leadville, CO 80461
(719) 486-0797

City On A Hill is a coffee shop with a cafe atmosphere. The quiche here isn't what you're used to, as it comes in a cup cake form. The friendly staff offers a clean and comfortable eating experience. The inviting atmosphere is partially due to the gorgeous decorations throughout, but it doesn't hurt that everybody who works here is pristinely kind. The owner, Travis, is very passionate about what he does. There are breakfast burritos here to put all the others that you've eaten to shame, so come on out and get your fill of food.

Tennessee Pass Cafe

Edit 222 Harrison Ave Leadville, CO 80461
(719) 486-8101

Tennessee Pass Cafe is a traditional American restaurant with a charming atmosphere inside and out. The waitresses here will always be pleasant and authentic here, and the innovative menu is perfect for those who like to try out new things. The brussel sprouts are flash fried goodness that goes above and beyond your expectations. The Grilled Cheese isn't just an options for the children, as it's that's good. The craft beer selection is enough to make the hipsters flock towards this establishment, try it out for yourself.

Pastime Bar

120 W 2nd St Leadville, CO 80461
(719) 486-9434

Pastime Bar is a dive bar that's known for their hand cut fries and delicious burgers. This is one of the only restaurants in the area who has outdoor seating for the milder weather that we all know and love, and they also offer a jukebox for entertainment purposes. This is down the street from many other restaurants, but we challenge you to check out all of the different food available here. The Mushroom Swiss Burger is the perfect way to enjoy a dinner, while the new addition of the sweet potato fries is sure to steal your heart.

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