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Our Pricing Policy

Because our vehicle rates are constantly fluctuating based on real world indicators which we use to keep our rates as low as possible, Party Bus Denver has elected not to publish any prices on this website. Instead, we would like to shed some light on how we arrive at our vehicle rates. We provide free quotes so you can find out your exact price based on the vehicle you request and the service you require, and we will check to make sure this arrangement will work best for your needs as we ask you specific questions about what your needs are, such as the event or celebration, the number of passengers, age group of passengers, and on and on. Sometimes customers come in thinking they want a classic limo for their group of 12 but in many cases it is better to more to the next size up vehicle to make sure no one is feeling claustrophobic, filling the smallest vehicles in the fleet to maximum capacity can have this effect on some people, going with an suv limousine or even a party bus will provide not only more headroom which seems to help the most but also they are bigger vehicles so you are able to spread out some more.

Since we are committed to having the most competitive prices in the industry, we are always adjusting our prices to keep them as low as possible for our customers. To do this, we carefully monitor our business costs so that when our expenses drop, we also pass that price drop on to our customers. Take fuel prices for example, why would we charge you the same rate when fuel is $2.99/gal as we would when it's $4.79/gal? I'll tell you why, we wouldn't. But if we were a company posting a static rate price everywhere we would make sure we posted the highest price possible so we would never risk operating at a loss. We run on a much thinner margin than most of our competitors, meaning we profit less than average on each run. We do this for a reason, we believe we provide the best service in the state with the best vehicles in our fleet, so as long as we keep our prices low every customer we have will be inclined to return to us next time they have a need for luxury transportation. And once they know how affordable our rates are they will widen their view about what is a luxury transportation event.

For the most current Party Bus Denver prices, we invite you to call us any time, 24 hours a day. Our reservation specialists will gladly work with you to find the lowest rate possible for the vehicle of your choice.