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Restaurant & Bar Guide for North Washington


3350 Brighton Blvd Denver, CO 80216
(720) 542-3721

Acorn is a dining destination for those who enjoy a little bit of class with their meal. Here, you'll enjoy wood-fired small plates, handcrafted cocktails that come in a myriad of innovative flavors, and an intriguing space with modern decorations. Here, you can't go wrong with the Oak Grilled Bone Marrow, Fried Rocky Junior Chicken & Biscuit, Spicy Chicken Gravy, Oak Grilled Double Cheeseburger, as well as the Tender Belly Bacon. With all of this delicious options for food, you'll surely be visiting sometime soon.

Meadowlark Kitchen

2705 Larimer St Denver, CO 80205
(303) 953-1815

Meadowlark Kitchen is a nre American bar and restaurant with an intimate feel inside. The drinks are always made perfectly here, and the locals really loce the Whiskey Sours. As far as the food options go, you really can't do wrong with the House Pasta, Chicken Nuggets, BLT, Smoked Brisket, as well as the Flourless Rasberry Chocolate Cake for dessert. Plus, how can you go wrong when classy options such as Lamb over Fried Avocado with Pea Puree? The bartender here is extremely nice, so come on in and enjoy your eating experience.

Work & Class

2500 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205
(303) 292-0700

Work & Class is a Latin American food source with a huge menu! We really mean it, might need a few extra minutes to make a decision here. Locals love the Twice Baked Potato Mash, Corn Empandas, Chickpea Croquettes, Peppers 5 Ways, Jersey Meatballs, Goat Stew, Lamb Short Ribs, Brussel Sprouts, Big Pig in a Blanket, and Collard Greens. If there's any question on where to bring a date when you're in the area, this is definitely an option with the ambient interior and intimate feel throughout the entire restaurant.

Cherry Bean

4059 Tejon St Denver, CO 80211
(303) 284-2512

Cherry Bean is a coffee shop and tea house that is specializing in amazing sandwiches. The environment is well-lit and cozy, so it's absolutely perfect for those who are looking to get some work done. There is even a spot with a couch and a hammock if you're trying to do some relaxing. The cookies are homemade, chewy, and something you wont forget any time soon, while the Horchata Latte steals the show when it comes to blended coffee drinks. If you're having trouble choosing something, try out the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread.

Sugarmill Denver

2461 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205
(303) 297-3540

Sugarmill Denver is the spot where all things sweet come together to make a sort of heaven for those with a sweet tooth. Really, you don't want to miss what's happening here. Their signature dessert is an amazing spectacle of a hollow ball of chocolate that's filled with ice cream and such that is opened up by hot caramel. It's really something that needs to be experienced instead of talked about. The Noahsphere is the dessert we're talking about, but the Red Velvet Creme Brulee is another perfectly great choice for dessert.

Postino LoHi

2715 17th St Denver, CO 80211
(303) 433-6363

Postino LoHi is an Italian destination near North Washington, and it's one that is known for their options of different fresh and flavorful dishes. Monday and Tuesday nights offer the Bottle and Board experience, and they also have a $5 glass happy hour that's perfect. The Bruschetta board is a great way to enjoy fresh appetizers along with your drink. Everything is fairly priced, and we think that this will certainly be your next favorite restaurant in the Denver area. Be sure to ask about their dish of the day when you're here.

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