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Restaurant & Bar Guide for Lakeside

El Paraiso

4690 Harlan St Lakeside, CO 80212
(303) 480-0479

El Paraiso is our favorite destination for the full authentic Mexican eating experience, down to the mariachi band! The favorite dishes here are the Parilladas, Pablano Chicken Enchilada, and the Cheesy Enchiladas. We love that you get to experience live music as soon as you walk through the doors here, and the entire staff seems to be in on the festivities. All of the fried food options here are sure to make you happy! As far as service goes, you have nothing to worry about..the waitresses here go above and beyond every time.

Molly’s Spirits

5809 W 44th Ave Lakeside, CO 80212
(303) 955-5174

Molly's Spirits is the destination for beer, wine, and spirits in the Lakeside area. This might be a store, but trust us when we say that their selection is going to go above all of your expectations. Even the rarest of alcohols can be found here, and that's why we think you're going to be calling this your new go-to spot for when you need to stock up at party, or just for the weekend. Their wines are even sorted by country, so you can count on supreme organization here when you're looking for a specific bottle or flavor.

Pierogies Factory

3895 Wadsworth Blvd Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(303) 425-7421

Pierogies Factory is exactly what you're looking for when it comes to Polish delicacies. We can't get enough of the food selection here, as it tastes just like it's home made. Things like Sauerkraut, Goulash, Golabek, Stuffed Cabbage, and more is available here, and it's all served up in the most authentic way possible. We love all of the different flavors of pierogies that are available, there's truly something for everybody even if you don't eeat meat. The staff here is always serving up some Polish hospitality, so try it out.

Dolce Sicilia Italian Bakery

3210 Wadsworth Blvd Wheat Ridge, CO 80034
(303) 233-3755

Dolce Silcilia Italian Bakery combines all of the delightful things about Italian desserts and serves them to the metropolitan Denver community. They also serve delicious variations of sandwiches, the most notable being the Meatball Sandwich on Ciabatta Bread. The bread is all freshly made, and the pastries will leave a taste in your mouth that you wont soon forget! Be sure to pick up one of their freshly made cappuccinos, and enjoy it with one of their all time favorite Rasberry Twists pastries, a roll filled with raspberries and coconut.

2914 Coffee

2914 W 25th Ave Denver, CO 80211
(303) 953-8997

2914 Coffee is a coffee shop and tea house that has a wonderfully modern atmosphere. How can you go wrong with their detailed latte art? The baristas here are truly talented not only at the latte art aspect of coffee making, but also putting a smile on your face. There are ice cream sandwiches here that are the size of your face, and if that doesn't entice you in, we don't know what will! They also sell their freshly roasted coffee beans here, which is always a good idea. There's a farmers market here in the summertime.

Z Cuisine Bistrot

2239 & 2245 W 30th Ave Denver, CO 80211
(303) 477-1111

Z Cuisine Bistrot is a French style Wine Bar that has an ever evolving menu of high quality food for you to check out. The Charcuterie Plate is the perfect way to sample the flavors of this premium establishment. The food melts in your mouth because of the fancy sourced ingredients. They even offer a dessert plate that comes with Creme Brulee, Petit Pot, as well as an ice cream filled pastry. Be sure to try out the Foie Gras De Canard En Terrine Maison, Boeuf Bourguignon Maison, and the Poitrine De Porc Vraise Au Cidre En Salade..

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