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Restaurant & Bar Guide for Kittredge

Blackbird Cafe and Tavern

25940 CO-74, Evergreen, CO 80439

If you aren't aware of the differences between a tavern and a pub, then you need to head to Blackbird Cafe and Tavern and get educated! The folks at Blackbird pride themselves on their authentic, delicious bar food that simply can not be faked by a chain. They make real good burgers and wings with a variety of sauces, and amazing waffle fries, as well as sweet potato fries. Blackbird Cafe and Tavern is a remarkably casual restaurant that you are sure to simply adore! You will love it so much that you will want to head there on a regular basis.

Country Road Cafe

26490 CO-74, Evergreen, CO 80439

Country Road Cafe is a beloved family owned and operated restaurant that prides themselves on serving good, down home cooking. Their family has been cooking beloved meals for nearly 20 years in the Kittredge community and they have always stuck to their mission of only serving the best and most fresh ingredients that they possibly can. They are sure to make sure that all of their ingredients and recipes are made with their unique familial charm that you are always guaranteed to love unconditionally. They put a lot of work into their business and service and it always pays off in the end.

Black Hat Cattle

26295 Hill Top Dr, Kittredge, CO 80457

You are sure to absolutely love your experience at Black Hat Cattle Company. They offer a traditional Western decor that is always an absolute delight, and the staff is always absolutely on point. They will always greet you with a big, friendly smile, and make sure that you are comfortable with where you are seating, and that your orders are taken in a timely fashion. You will love their menu items such as the salmon, the calamari, the mashed potatoes, and the steaks will have you writing home about them.

Da Kind Soups

27883 Meadow Drive, Evergreen, CO 80439

Da Kind Soups is the kind of place that you never want to leave. They are a family owned and operated restaurant that makes each and every single one of their soups completely from scratch. They offer 10 different soups every single day and they have a continually rotating menu. Their soups are always great for people who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free diets, so everyone can enjoy a great meal at Da Kind Soups! They are also sure to feature some absolutely amazing, over the top, indulgent soups that are great to pair with their delicious, expertly crafted hot grilled sandwiches!

Bistro Colorado

1552 Bergen Pkwy Suite 305, Evergreen, CO 80439

The folks at Bistro Colorado specialize in delicious upscale country dining that you are absolutely guaranteed to love. They have a fantastic family atmosphere that can only be curated by a locally owned and operated restaurant. They are well known for their fantastic plates that can please anyone from their vegetarian entrees like Butternut Squash Ravioli Alfredo, Gorgonzola, Walnuts and Pears, to their Tournedos of Beef Au Poivre which is some of the best you could ever ask for! With fantastic lunch and dinner options, Bistro Colorado is a great place to bring the family on a night out.

Wildflower Cafe

28035 CO-74, Evergreen, CO 80439

The people who run Wildflower Cafe pride themselves on specializing in delicious meals that you are always going to love! With plate sized pancakes, vegetarian green chili, amazing skillets, and breakfast burritos the size of your head, they are always sure to blow you away with their meals. They also have a full liquor license so you can enjoy some drinks there, including their nine different bloody marys and amazing mimosas that will keep you coming back for more. Located in the heart of Downtown Evergreen, Wildflower Cafe is a community staple that you must try.

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