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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have taken the oppurtunity to answer some of the most frequent questions that may not be addressed elsewhere on the site. If you still have any questions remaining please feel free to give us a quick phone call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, we can also provide you with a free quote on the same call.

What kind of deposit is required for booking?

To book any of our vehicles, a minimum $200 deposit is required by credit card. This amount will be put on hold (the same type of hold a hotel would put on your card) and released back to you the following business day after your reservation. Provided no damage is done to the vehicle during your trip, you will receive the full amount of your deposit back.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. We also accept personal checks up until two weeks before your scheduled reservation. If you have any time overages at the end of your reserved times you will be responsible for paying the difference to your driver at the end of the trip.

Is alcohol allowed on your vehicles?

Yes, as long as all passengers are of legal drinking age, alcohol is allowed on any of our vehicles. However, passengers must supply their own. Alcohol does not come stocked on our vehicles per state law. If you request your driver can swing by the store to allow you and your guests the opportunity to purchase liquor.

Is smoking allowed on your vehicles?

No, smoking is not allowed on board any of our vehicles. We do allow for unlimited stops during your reservation, so if you require a smoke break, simply notify your driver with the reason you want to stop and your driver will pull off at the nearest location that meets your needs, such as a place to smoke or use the bathroom.

How big are your vehicles?

We have a variety of sizes available for our party buses and limousines! We can seat anywhere from 4 to 33 passengers depending on if you choose a sedan, a limousine, or a party bus!

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