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Prom in Denver

Denver Prom

   Prom is definitely an exciting time of year for everybody involved! For the parents, it's always a bit bittersweet to see your children growing so quickly. It seems as though they were just in grade school, right? For the Denver teens, it's something they've been thinking about since they were kids, so it's almost surreal that the time is finally here. Plus, this is also signifying something bigger than getting dressed and going out with friends, as it shows that they're almost done with the high school experience and ready to take on real world experiences. With that being said, it's easy to see why the teens want to make everything completely perfect, their standards are understandably high for this special event. As far as parents go, they just want to see their precious cargo make it back home safely. Everybody who has been to prom or paid for it knows that it can be pretty expensive, but we have something to add to your Denver prom experience that goes beyond what you can put a price on.

   Safety is the number one priority and concern of Denver Party Bus. After years of experience in the transportation industry, we've come to learn a thing or two about proms in Denver. We know how to keep an eye on the Prom goers and ensure that the trip is being conducted in a professional matter the entire way. In fact, you'll be happy to know that many of our drivers also drive school buses, so keeping a watchful eye is second nature. With Denver Party Bus, there are no worries about if your child is where they said they were going to be, and especially no worries about their safety on the road before and after the dance. At the end of the night, your child will be returned safely, and you'll be known as the coolest parent in town for renting them a party bus. How can you go wrong with that win-win scenario?

   One of the best things about our party buses is the fact that they're so popular with the teenagers. Teens love the color changing neon lighting in the bus, as well as the contemporary leather interiors, spacious seating, dance floors, flat screen televisions with DVD and Blu Ray capabilities, booming subwoofers attached to the premium stereo systems, and the fact that there's more than enough space for them and their huge dresses! Our Denver prom bus service is the missing piece to your puzzle. You've got your date, you've got your special clothes, now how will you get there? Doesn't a mobile night club sound so much better than showing up in the same vehicle you get dropped off at school in? There are better options, and we look forward to bringing you to them. Give us a call when you're looking to reserve your transportation for prom, and we'll be more than happy to get it all taken care of for you with our efficient process.

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