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Restaurant & Bar Guide for Cortez

Loungin' Lizard

2 W Main St, Cortez, CO
(970) 516-1998

Loungin' Lizard is pretty much unanimously loved by just about everyone who heads there. And for good reason. They offer a simply spectacular atmosphere and a wide ranging menu that simply can not be beat! The lounge and the restaurant are decorated in a neat southwestern style decor that is delightful and relaxing. You will love their full service bar as well with fantastic beer selections and simply delicious wines that are great for even the most sophisticated of palates. And you can't go wrong with their food selections which are updated and changed periodically with their chalkboard menu. You can't go wrong with gourmet food and gourmet drinks at a splendid bar!

Spruce Tree Espresso House

318 E Main St, Cortez, CO
(970) 565-6789

If you're looking for a relaxing place to sit back and enjoy yourself, then Spruce Tree Espresso House is one of the most quaint and beloved places to do so in the Cortez area. Located in the heart of downtown Cortez, right on Main Street, Spruce Tree Espresso House is the place to go to forget all of your troubles, grab a delicious coffee drink, and an expertly crafted breakfast sandwich and enjoy reading the paper or listening to the fantastic music that they play all throughout the day. Spruce Tree Espresso House is the kind of place that everyone can go and feel comfortable and one with the great community of Cortez.

Stonefish Sushi & More

16 W Main St, Cortez, CO 81321
(970) 565-9244

Stonefish Sushi & More is the place that makes the sushi lovers of the Cortez area jump for joy every single time! This is the perfect place to go with coworkers if you are looking to enjoy a fantastic sushi dinner, or if you want to enjoy a meal with your family. Their menu is filled with all sorts of different sushi rolls, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. With amazing meals like Sesame Seared Chicken Breast, Sushi Pizza Roll, and great appetizers like the Ginger Pork Potstickers, you truly can't go wrong at Stonefish Sushi & More! We dare you to try to have a bad time there, but you will find that it simply is impossible! Especially with how friendly and welcoming the staff of Stonefish are. You are certainly to fall head over heels in love with this fantastic restaurant!


44 W Main St, Cortez, CO 81321
(970) 565-3303

A pepperhead is someone who is absolutely obsessed with spices, particularly the spices of chile peppers, and you will find that the owners of Pepperhead are exactly that. And once you have enjoyed a meal at Pepperhead, you will find yourself to be a pepperhead as well. Pepperhead. (Sorry, it's just fun to say... pepperhead.) Family owned and operated since inception, Pepperhead locally sources all of their ingredients as much as possible, and they work closely with several farms and producers in the area. They keep their flavors true to the area and they put an extra emphasis on chile, in particular. Pepperhead is a unique ride that you simply must try!

La Casita De Cortez

332 E Main St, Cortez, CO 81321
(970) 565-0223

Living within a reasonable distance from the Mexican border, residents of Colorado can fully expect there to be a surplus of Mexican restaurants in the area, many of them simply spectacular. However, in our eyes, there is one that stands above the rest for its authenticity and pure passion and dedication for the food that they make and that is La Casita De Cortez. Every single thing on their menu is simply spectacular. From the fantastic tacos, to the chile relleno, to the simply rice and beans, La Casita De Cortez is the place to go in the Cortez area (and truly all over Colorado) for some great, authentic Mexican food. Don't believe us? Take a walk around Downtown Cortez and ask residents what their favorite Mexican restaurant in the world is. Hundreds of satisfied Cortez residents can't be wrong!

Thai Cortez

1430 E Main St Ste 2, Cortez, CO 81321
(970) 564-3151

If you love Thai food then look no further than Thai Cortez. They really get Thai food unlike any Thai restaurant we have ever been to. With unique, delicious flavors that are purely and authentically Thai, and a fantastic atmosphere that is complemented with great decor and an extremely friendly staff that you are sure to absolutely love! They have all of your favorite Thai cuisines such as Pad Thai, drunken noodles, curries, duck, and so on and so forth. And you can't go wrong with their amazing sticky rice desserts that are made with sweetened condensed milk. Boy howdy, how delicious is a meal at Thai Cortez? You'll have to head there for yourself to see!/p>

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