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Restaurant & Bar Guide for Commerce City

El Jardin

6460 E 73rd Ave, Commerce City, CO 80022-1709
(303) 288-3500

The value of the product that you receive here is excellent in more ways than one. Besides being delicious, you can count on always having a lot of food brought to your table. If you have a large group, never fear, the staff here can handle anything that is thrown at them. We highly recommend the green chili, it is absolutely spectacular. The bartenders are so knowledgeable as well, you can throw out any kind of request and we would be shocked if they can't produce it. But honestly, there is nothing on the menu that is not worth a try.

The Bison Bar & Grill

15700 E 112th Ave, Commerce City, CO 80022
(303) 289-7700

This place has it all. No matter what you may be seeking, breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can count on being satisfied at this establishment. You are going to love relaxing near the stone fireplace in the dining room or if the patio and being outdoors is more your speed, you have that option as well. There is a fully stocked bar with some great full screen televisions to catch up an any sporting events you may be interested in. The Bison Burger will surprise you as they take great pains to slow roast the meat. Just make sure that you save room for dessert.

Yum Asian Fusion Cuisine Sushi

18220 E 104th Ave, Suite 105, Commerce City, CO 80022-0659
(303) 853-0680

After a long and stressful day, what you need is a relaxing environment where you can kick back and chill out for awhile and actually breathe. Well, this is just the place. The food is absolutely amazing. We all know how expensive sushi can be and the prices here are very reasonable comparatively. You will feel comfortable here whether you are going alone or with the family. The staff is super friendly and certainly aim to please. What you will like the most if the variety and the quality of the food.

Gala Garden Restaurant

8383 Rosemary Street, Commerce City, CO
(303) 288-3383

We like to call this place the king of prime rib. We guarantee you that if you order the prime rib dinner, you will start coming to this place on a very regular basis. It just goes down so easy and will satisfy you for days. Another positive attribute about Gala is that the prices will not cause you to empty your wallet. But don't worry, there are some other great options in addition to their signature prime rib. But whatever you decide to order, make sure you order some onion rings as a side. Once you bite into them, you will know why.

Stellato's Italian Grocery and Deli

15550 E 103rd Pl Unit 112, Commerce City, CO
(303) 287-3663

This is a specialty venue. So, if you love fine food, neighborly service and convenient shopping, you need to pay a visit to this establishment. The variety offered is fairly good and the quality if just excellent. We recommend ordering the breakfast burrito. Not only are they huge but they don't skimp on the cheese. The servers are more than competent, in fact they bend over backwards to make sure you are well taken care of. Something else that really makes this place really unique is the small market that is attached. Check it out when you finish your scrumptious meal.

Rojas Cafe

6025 East Parkway Drive, Commerce City, CO 80022
(303) 289-4858

A quaint place that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If you need a friend, you could very easily make one here. Everyone is very friendly including the staff and the patrons. All of the food is of the highest quality and the service staff have been very well trained to attend to patrons needs. The ambiance is also amazing and you will find yourself just sitting there for two hours to soak it all in. The family that owns this place is heavily involved in running it so don't be surprised if one of them stops by your table to make sure you are completely satisfied.

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