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Restaurant & Bar Guide for Cherry Ridge


3531 S Logan St, Englewood, CO 80113
(303) 783-0911

Subcenter is a traditional American eatery in the sense that they're serving up some seriously delicious submarine sandwiches. This sub shop has fresh bread that is soft and chewy, and they even use real bacon strips here, not the thin excuses that you often find at fast food establishments. They also give out poker chips here that can be used for freebies in the future, and it's those little gestures of customer service that make you want to return with your lunchtime business here. They also have online ordering here!

The Organic Dish

Food Service Serving Cherry Ridge and Surrounding Areas
(303) 736-9930

The Organic Dish is a food delivery service that also covers the Cherry Ridge area, and we think you're really going to enjoy both the flavorful consistency of the food you get from here, as well as the fact that it's all organic to ensure that you're getting the best source of nutrition possible. This convenient service is one that more and more locals are using, and as our lives get busier, can you really blame them? This is going to be a great decision for those who are looking to shed a little bit of extra weight.

Jade Dragon Express

3531 S Logan Street Suite M Englewood, CO 80113
(303) 788-0788

Jade Dragon Express is a Chinese restaurant that has some seriously affordable lunch specials. We know how it is to only have money for the cheapest available food option, and that's why we appreciate this establishment so much. There's truly no better way to get a huge portion of food for $5-8, so be sure to keep that in mind when you're searching for your next bite to eat. The waitresses here are kind, efficient, and helpful whenever you need them, so be sure to give this restaurant a chance when you're in the area.

Caribou Coffee

1400 E Hampden Ave Englewood, CO 80113
(303) 806-0900

Caribou Coffee might be a franchise coffee shop, but that doesn't take away from the deliciousness that's found here. The dessert-like coffee concoctions that are made here might have your entire days worth of calories, but they're truly worth it. Most notable is the Campfire Mocha that comes with chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. There's a ton of seating indoors and outdoors, so you can take advantage of all of the beautiful weather that rolls through the area. There are also accommodations for your furry pets.

Mile High Cajun

Food Truck Servicing Cherry Ridge area
(720) 465-8004

Come find Mile High Cajun, the food truck that's known to be spicing up the Cherry Ridge area from time to time. You can usually find this food truck outside of Epic Brewing Company, and we think the marriage of the two is perfect harmony. The friendly gentlemen who work here are happy to let you know about their food selections, and they're all out of this world. If you've ever eaten Cajun food, you know just how flavorful those Crawfish bakes can be...and you can find them here, of course. Try out the Big Easy Po Boy.

Cake It To the Limit

3583 S Marion St, Englewood, CO 80113
(720) 288-4007

Cake it to the Limit is a clever play on words, and they're also serving up some of the most creative cakes in the area. If you happen to have a birthday coming up that you want to make extra special, this is the destination for you. They offer sculpted cakes, as well as graphic cakes and themed cakes. Their portfolio is pretty impressive, and we know you're going to trust their creative vision just as much as we do. The owners name is Dawn, and she's more than happy to help you figure out your creative vision from start to finish.

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